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About SIM cards - Unlocked GSM Phones

About SIM cards

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SIM Cards

What are SIM cards?

A subscriber identity module (SIM) on a removable SIM card securely stores

the identity of a subscriber on mobile devices (such as mobile phones and computers).

It does not contain the IMEI of the phone.

What are the sizes of SIM cards?

SIM cards come in three different sizes.

Standard | Micro | Nano

It is important to order the right size SIM card that matches your phone.

We provide the IMEI# prefix for each phone model that allows you to enroll and/or order a SIM card from Solavei. This allows you to order your Solavei SIM card even before you have the phone!

I already have a phone

You can find the IMEI on your phone by dialing *#06#

If the 15-digit appears, go to Solavei’s website to confirm your phone is compatible.  verify on Solavei

If it is not compatible, you can order compatible phones on our website and use the IMEI prefix provided to order a compatible SIM card from Solavei.

What is an IMEI code and why do I need it?

An IMEI code identifies a specific phone.  Each phone has a unique IMEI code.

Part of that code is to identify the model of the phone and the SIM card size needed.

We offer free IMEI codes that allow you to order the correct size SIM card from Solavei.

That allows you to set up your Solavei social account while you wait for your phone to arrive.

I ordered the wrong size SIM card

Standard size SIM cards can be cut down to fit into mini and nano slots if done very carefully, without cutting into the metal circuitry. If you have a Standard SIM slot on your phone, but ordered a mini or nano SIM card, you can order a SIM cutter here.

Solavei customer service: (866) 765-2834  (English/Espanõl)

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