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Find Solavei compatible phones for less $$.

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How to use this website. no interest phone financing samsung s3 sIII, samsung s4, iphone, iphone 5, nokia, huawei, blackberry. find solavei compatible phones. Save hundreds and get interest-free financing!. Find solavei phones compatible and affordable. Unlocked GSM Store is the #1 phone store for Solavei members. Cheaper than GSM Nation. New solavei members and current solavei members can save time and money. Recruit more Solavei members by providing them this invaluable resource that will save them money and make their transition to Solavei easier and more affordable! Each phone includes IMEI prefix to allow you and your members to order SIM cards from Solavei right away! More options, lower prices, and interest-free financing makes the purchase of your new Solavei phone an easy and simple process. Save time and money with UnlockedGSMStore.com.

How to use this website. Find phones compatible with SolaveiHow to use this website

Already have a Solavei SIM card?

Find all compatible Solavei phones by selecting your SIM card size in the Search by features tool on the right side of this page or here.

Not sure what size SIM card you have? See your user manual, use Google search, or contact us.

IMPORTANT: Select “new and used from $xx” when viewing a specific phone to see a listing of all prices!

Don’t have a Solavei SIM card yet?  Planning to get a new one?

Our entire phone selection is available to you!

All phones are Solavei-compatible1 and provide the IMEI prefix that you need to order the correct size SIM card from Solavei!

3 Simple steps!

1.  Find the Solavei compatible phone you want using our Search by Features tool. Select “new and used from $xx” when viewing a specific phone to see a listing of all prices!

2. The Amazon website will open in a new window where you can review all prices and complete your purchase. You will need to have a free Amazon account to complete your purchase. Interest free financing is available at checkout. Or your can receive no credit check financing here.

3.  Go to Solavei and complete the enrollment for Solavei mobile service. Solavei will ship you a SIM card for your phone.

Enrollment note: In the Phone Options section select “I am using my own unlocked phone and need to purchase a Solavei SIM Card.”

Visual instructions here.

Welcome to the Mobile Revolution!


1Phones listed on this site are reviewed for compatibility with Solavei services. UnlockedGSMStore.com maintains no liability for misrepresentation of features or other purchase issues that arise from orders placed through Amazon and/or its affiliate vendors.Please review the return policies of the phone or other device you are purchasing prior to completing your purchase.

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